The National Historical Museum, created in 1922, is one of the most important museums in Brazil, consisting of over 348.515 items, among which the largest numismatic collection of Latin America.
The architectonic complex that houses the Museum had is beginning with the construction of the Santiago Fort, at the Calaboose Point, one of the strategic places for the defense of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Friends Association
Created in in 1988, the Friends Association of the National Historical Museum is a civil non-profit society, destined to promote the Museum's improvement and development. Come and join us!
"Time Never Stops"
The Museum's collection of clocks and watches of different periods and styles.
The Museum's history
The evolution of the Museum's architectural complex originated from the Santiago Fort and accompanies the urban development of the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Exhibition Hall of Arks - Gallery BankBoston
Since January/2001, the public can appreciate the 10 "Cusquenha" paintings donated to the Museum by BankBoston, in exhibition at the Hall of Arks.